July 18, 2018

Understanding Who Represents You in Real Estate Transactions

On this blog, we've already addressed why we ask our clients to sign a buyer agency agreement: It enables us to provide buyers with the best service possible, and a written agreement is required in Virginia and D.C. Here, we take a look at the differences among buyer agency in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C., because sometimes we have clients looking in more than one of these jurisdictions, and the differences can be confusing. First, buyers need to understand that REALTORS® work for brokers, … [Read more...]

Contingencies Allow You To Ease Into Your Home Purchase

That hint of angst, uncertainty, and hesitation a homebuyer might feel before signing an offer on a new home is common. But don't fret. Even with a ratified contract, a buyer still may legitimately get out of a contract through a number of release points—or contingencies—that protect buyers and sellers from surprises and unforeseen problems. They actually help turn the path to closing into a digestible process where confidence builds as the closing date approaches. This doesn’t mean getting … [Read more...]

Why We Ask for Written Buyer Agency Agreement

So, you're ready to start shopping for a new home! You meet with an agent, and the first thing he or she does is push a form in your face asking you to sign on the dotted line, committing you to work with them exclusively. It's annoying and you may want to walk, but it's actually in your best interest to have a written agreement when an agent is showing you properties. Believe it or not, agents don't like to push this paper in your face either, but we have little choice. As of 2012, it's the … [Read more...]

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