July 18, 2018

Cabinet Options: The World Between Re-facing and Replacing

If you’ve ever been torn between simply re-facing your old kitchen cabinets and just replacing the whole lot, make sure you explore a third option. While touring an open house in the neighborhood recently, our neighbor had taken advantage of the services offered by KitchenSaver® Custom Cabinet Renewal. They don’t replace all of your cabinets with new ones, and they don’t simply re-face your existing ones either. They do a little of both. We at D.C. Region Real Estate always encourage … [Read more...]

Plants for the Home Wildlife Garden

Lots of people complain and worry about mankind’s impact on wildlife, and some people want more government protect it. But if you own property, you can do far more good by making a private wildlife haven.  That’s what I have done with my yard. When I first moved in, the grass grew up to the house, and I barely saw a bird or butterfly. With lots of digging and effort, my yard is now a destination for myriad butterflies, bumblebees, and bugs I can’t even name. It's also a favorite destination for … [Read more...]

Architect Advice Part 2: Avoid Remodel Planning Mistakes

Welcome to our second installment of architect advice. In this earlier post, architect Liz Craver of Craver Architects provided some remodel recommendations, whether you’re remodeling before you move or plan to enjoy your new digs. This time, Liz opens up about mistakes you want to avoid. Ultimately it’s a matter of money. If selling, you want to make sure you don’t spend more on the work that you will get in return when you sell the house. If you’re planning on staying put and enjoying your … [Read more...]

Architect Advice Part 1: Make Smart Remodel Choices!

So, you want to remodel. One question many have is: How much, if anything, should I do, and will it be a net gain financially? More important: What are the areas on which I need to focus? At DCRegionRealestate.com, we’ve already warned that sellers can’t expect to get all their money back for every upgrade. However, when you do make those improvements for your own enjoyment, it makes sense to consider how they will affect your homes resale value in the future. Here we bring you another … [Read more...]

Mega ‘Man Cave’ Masterpieces

According to Merriam-Webster, a "man cave" is "a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities." Well, over at Home Stratosphere, you can see how some people have taken that simple concept and gone wild. … [Read more...]

Home Inspection Part 5: Resolve Runs, Drips, and Other Plumbing Issues

An unscientific look at recent home inspections that we at D.C. Region Real Estate have observed reveals that a good number of plumbing issues—whether it's one of our listings or a home we're helping someone purchase—should be fixed long before an inspection even occurs. Oftentimes, they're small, inexpensive fixes that can save you a lot of time and effort when you're trying to finalize the sale of your home. In this fifth installment of home inspection issues and topics, Mark Linebaugh, … [Read more...]

Home Inspection Part 4: HVAC is a Top Concern for Buyers and Sellers

For our fourth venture into home inspections, we continue our conversation with Mark Linebaugh, president of Homemark Inc., and will address the sometimes lesser-seen but often felt issues with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.  If you’re selling your home, it’s a good idea to have your HVAC systems serviced and cleaned. It’s a tremendously common area in which an inspector is going to point out problems and/or concerns. When you’re buying, it’s always best to have a … [Read more...]

Home Inspection Part 2: Have Some (Structural) Integrity

  This is part two in our series of helpful tips from D.C.-area home inspector and Homemark Inc. president Mark Linebaugh. In the first post, we addressed doing a pre-listing inspection. In this part, we’re addressing structural issues that Mark will look for to be in “normal working order.” Of these, Mark says he looks for cracks anywhere—foundation, driveway, slabs, walls and any other part of the structure. Open grout lines are another indication of a possible problem. Mark … [Read more...]

Home Inspection Part 1: Get Peace of Mind

Most home sales are contingent upon a home inspection. With that comes a hint of the unknown that remains until the inspection is complete and the contingency is satisfied. As a homebuyer, of course, you have a choice. Some REALTORs might recommend that you waive the inspection, because to a potential seller—particularly with an older house—waiving that inspection requirement in a competitive market often can move your offer above most others. We at D.C. Region Real Estate will NEVER … [Read more...]

Angie’s List is a Valuable Addition to Your Toolbox

D.C. Region Real Estate scours the neighborhood and the Web to tap into the most helpful resources for homebuyers and sellers, because we understand your time is money. Nowhere is it more important when you must venture into the word of repair, remodel and replacement and find that service provider who not only does a good job, but who has your best interests in mind and doesn’t rob you blind. When it comes to the Web, your local community and your best interests, a good resource to explore … [Read more...]

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