July 17, 2018

Architect Advice Part 2: Avoid Remodel Planning Mistakes

Dining RoomWelcome to our second installment of architect advice. In this earlier post, architect Liz Craver of Craver Architects provided some remodel recommendations, whether you’re remodeling before you move or plan to enjoy your new digs. This time, Liz opens up about mistakes you want to avoid.

Ultimately it’s a matter of money. If selling, you want to make sure you don’t spend more on the work that you will get in return when you sell the house. If you’re planning on staying put and enjoying your remodel, you still want to have an eye toward the future to ensure you don’t make remodel choices that could make your home functionally obsolete if you ever decide to sell. Planning is crucial.

“The biggest single issue that works against a successful outcome is that clients do not budget enough time at the front end of the project,” Liz says. “Decisions and material selections—an enormous number on most projects—take time and coordination.”

She added that decisions might be easy to change on paper, but it can cost a pretty penny in the field.

The second most important factor is making sure you understand your own space; a problem can arise if a client is “wanting to cram way too many things into a space.” Sometimes less really is more. Part of the process is preparing to speak to the architect.Hollin Hills Addition

“They should have their wish list started—this might be more of a description or a story or an inspiration photo than an actual itemization of elements,” Liz says. “If they have begun to quantify what they have now, in terms of sizes, the amount of cabinets or closets, for example, that will be very helpful in the process of fine tuning what they need.”

Another important thing to remember is that “they should know their comfort zone when it comes to the budget and be upfront about that number to make sure their goals are compatible within those parameters,” she added.

If you’d like to explore some remodeling ideas before selling—or for your own personal enjoyment—visit Liz’s website or give Liz a call at 703-765-2780, and she can set you on the right course for a successful remodel project.

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