July 17, 2018

Angie’s List is a Valuable Addition to Your Toolbox

angieslist_imageD.C. Region Real Estate scours the neighborhood and the Web to tap into the most helpful resources for homebuyers and sellers, because we understand your time is money. Nowhere is it more important when you must venture into the word of repair, remodel and replacement and find that service provider who not only does a good job, but who has your best interests in mind and doesn’t rob you blind.

When it comes to the Web, your local community and your best interests, a good resource to explore is Angie’s List. More than 2 million households across the nation rely on the service, which provides ratings and reviews for a whole host of service providers.

We recently caught up with Cheryl Reed, director of communications for Angie’s List and talked to her about what makes Angie’s List an online standout for reviewing and rating service providers.

“We’ve never been anonymous, and we [have] always held our members accountable,” she says. “We all believe, if you’re going to say something you need to back it up; you need to stand behind it.”

Unlike some Internet destinations where anyone can post a review and walk away from it, Angie’s List is a subscription service. To access Angie’s List data, you have to join. Rates can vary a bit, and discounts apply for multiple years, but expect annual subscriptions to start at about $8.99. Monthly options are available as well, and there are different subscription plans for home services and health and wellness. Visit the Angie’s List subscription page for information pertaining to your specific location.

Angie’s List also is a two-way street. In the company’s infancy, Angie’s List didn’t allow service companies to respond to reports, but they quickly realized that the other side of the story is as important.

“That works straight into the accountability process, where the idea is that you give information to consumers,” Cheryl says. “The more information you give them, the better off they are.”

Cheryl says it’s rare that they will remove a report or review. But they do check for authenticity.

“We’ve got a team of people who Angie calls her detective squad,” she says. “They’ve gotten really good at determining who’s telling the truth.”

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